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  1. Game Of Thrones Alison Eve - Aelvenharp Weddings 1:01
  2. Beauty & The Beast Alison Eve - Aelvenharp Weddings 1:14
  3. Thousand Years Alison Eve - Aelvenharp Weddings 2:06

HELLO! My Name Is Alison Eve

You can call me Ali...  I have been privileged to play at your weddings since 2006.

As a child I learned piano, trumpet and guitar, studying voice after college. My first harp came to live with us in 1999, and it's the instrument I've been waiting for all my life! 

In 1989 I married my heavy metal drummer, and we now play in the folk band, "Eve & The Garden". He's a vicar and sometimes we do weddings together! I run a female-voice choir called "nChant", and a duo with a violinist called, "Hey Diddle Diddle The Harp & The Fiddle".