Welcome to my brand new website!

I’m getting very excited about this right now – I’m working on bringing this altogether over these next few weeks of May! But never mind, because my old site is still live so do visit there for the time being to get a little more info.


You’ll find my 2016 rates still there on the site, but it’s all change for 2017 rates with four different price pathways: Wild Apple, Silver Birch, Gentle Willow, and Ancient Oak, with this last one being my gloriously VIP treatment offer.

You can, however, check through all my current 2017 rates and check your dates using my scheduling page, and here’s the link:


So if you’re looking for a woodland harpist, a fairy/elven harpist for your woodland wedding, or your hand fasting, if you’re looking for someone who can play a huge variety of the music that you know and love, then do visit this page again soon for updates and lots of lovely info. Plus soon there will be videos and audio available. If only I could wave a magic wand and make it all just happen now!!!