• Stretchy Time - I won't be watching the clock too closely!
  • My harp is very portable so I can carry it quite happily from the Drinks Reception space, to the Wedding Banquet room or marquee. Plus I can also play outside.
  • If your wedding is happening across two separate venues then there will be small re-location charge of £30.
  • Check to see if your venue is on my list of venues within that 45min drive-time boundary.
  • I am more than happy to travel with my harp further than the 45mins drive time to get to your wedding, and I frequently do. Just let me know where your venue is and I will let you know what the travel costs would be.
  • Travel is charged at 45pm per mile for the full amount of mileage, outward and return journeys.
  • If you have more than 80 guests, I will need to bring along my amplifier or PA so that I can be absolutely sure that all your guests will hear me and my harp.
  • This costs £40 for the extra set-up and transport of equipment.


  • My playlist is huuuuuuuge! And it grows every year with songs being added by couples such as you. Hope on over to The Harpinator to hear some of this playlist and view a full list.
  • I have online forms for you to fill in for the Drinks Reception, and the Wedding Banquet.

After looking through the list you might not be able to find your special song. Well, no worries, as I can see if I can learn it for you. Hopefully you can see from the playlist that no request is too crazy seeming. Don't think "Harp Music", think "Music on the Harp" - what would your favourite song sound like on my harp? That's the magic!

Extra songs are charged at £10 per song.

  • Instrumental music is the standard option for the Drinks Reception & The Wedding Banquet.
  • However, it is possible for me to sing during the Drinks and Banquet too, but I will need to bring amplification to ensure that I can be heard easily by all your guests. This involves an extra set-up and transport cost of £40.



  • Background instrumental harp music immediately following the ceremony, as you and your guests mingle over bubbly and canapés.
    (As mentioned above, if I bring my PA then I can offer vocal music for this slot.)
  • You choose the Music.
    I have an online form that you can fill in if you wish, or you can leave it me to create a varied playlist for you and your guests
  • Have a go on the harp.
    (If you have children present at your big day then often they are drawn like a magnet to the harp. Towards the end of the Drinks Reception, I might invite them to have a go and this also allows a photo opportunity.  I leave it to the end as especially young children will think they can come up and play it anytime even if I'm playing! You can have a go too of course.)
  • Relocation to the Banquet
    (I will keep to know in plenty of time when to relocate to the Banquet space, and this is something that your venue can help with.)


  • Background instrumental harp music as you and your guests enjoy your meal.
    (I just need a little time to move and re-set up my harp from the Drinks Reception! Also, as mentioned above, if I bring my PA then I can offer vocal music for this slot.)
  • You choose the Music.
    I have an online form that you can fill in if you wish, or you can leave it me to create a varied playlist for you and your guests
  • Right up to the Speeches
    (I will keep playing until the venue starts to circulate the bubbly in readiness for the speeches. NB. IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT YOU LET ME KNOW IF THE SPEECHES COME BEFORE THE BANQUET.)
  • Obligatory Harp Selfie
    (Before I go it would be lovely if you can come over and we can have a photo together, you two and my harp & I.)


The Magic Door

Gaelic: Duir (pron. joo-err) / Latin: Quercus

This symbol is from the Druidic Tree Alphabet dating from 300CE known as, Ogham (pron. Oh-um).This is a simple system of lines carved into mainly wood but also stone (which is how it survives).

Other Associations

  • Planetary body: Jupiter & Mars
  • Element: Earth
  • Seasonal Festival: Summer Solstice
  • Celtic Celebrity: The Dagda, The Green Man, Pan, Cernunnos
  • Stone: Diamond
  • Fauna & Flora: Wren & Stag

Oak Lore

The Druids honoured the oak as one of their most sacred trees, and saw in it’s ancient strength the storehouse of all the Forest’s wisdom. Famed for it’s longevity, the oak can easily surpass 200 years, frequently reaching 500, or even 700 years and more.

A powerful symbol of protection, loyalty, and constancy, these sentinels bring us endurance, stability, and courage, as well as the wisdom of great age. They also symbolise Sovereignty, generosity, justice & honesty.

Thou ancient oak! whose myriad leaves are loud
With sounds of unintelligible speech,
Sounds as of surges on a shingly beach,
Or multitudinous murmurs of a crowd;
With some mysterious gift of tongues endowed,
Thou speakest a different dialect to each;
To me a language that no man can teach,
Of a lost race, long vanished like a cloud.


Oak Magic 

The Magic Door

  • Bind twigs into a cross to make a protective talisman. 
  • Oaken twigs and strings of red deflect all harm, gossip and dread.
  • Carry an acorn for health, youthfulness, fertility and potency. Carry some oak to attract good luck. (Remember to ask the tree’s permission first.)
  • Sit under an Oak tree. You may see an angel sent to give you a message. Or you may hear an answer whispered in the rustling of the Oak’s leaves, or vibrating through its hollow trunk.