• Background instrumental harp music as the guests gather in the ceremony space.
    (Usually a maximum of 20mins depending on when the venue send the guests through, how close the gathering area is to the ceremony area, and how on time the bridal party is!)
  • The Big Entrance Number!
    (If you have an entire squadron as a bridal party, or a very large and long aisle, then you might even have time for 2 pieces of music on the harp.)
  • Optional Solo in place of a reading.
    (If you have a particularly special song you want people to listen to in full, this is a good idea)
  • Something for the signing of the registers.
    (We usually need 3 pieces of harp music here)
  • The Big Exit
    (For when you take your first steps together as a married couple to the rapturous applause of your guests!)


  • Background instrumental harp music immediately following the ceremony, as you and your guests mingle over bubbly and canapés.
    (I just need a little time to move and re-set up my harp!)
  • You choose the Music.
    I have an online form that you can fill in if you wish, or you can leave it me to create a varied playlist for you and your guests
  • Have a go on the harp.
    (If you have children present at your big day then often they are drawn like a magnet to the harp. Towards the end of my time playing and shortly before the guests are ushered through for the banquet, I might invite them to have a go and this also allows a photo opportunity.  I leave it to the end as especially young children will think they can come up and play it anytime even if I'm playing! You can have a go too of course.)
  • Right up to the Banquet
    (I will keep playing until the venue directs your guests through to the Banquet. On a couple of occasions because of the weather or the layout of the venue I have played the second half of the drinks reception in the Banquet space.)
  • Obligatory Harp Selfie
    (Before you go through for the meal, come over and we can have a photo together, you two and my harp & I.)


The Whispering Tree

Gaelic: Saille (pron. Sal-yer) / Latin: Salix

This symbol is from the Druidic Tree Alphabet dating from 300CE known as, Ogham (pron. Oh-um).This is a simple system of lines carved into mainly wood but also stone (which is how it survives).

Other Associations

  • Planetary body: The Moon
  • Element: Water
  • Seasonal Festival: Beltane (May Day)
  • Celtic Celebrity: Cerridwen & Brighid
  • Stone: Moonstone
  • Fauna & Flora: Hawk, Hare & Primrose

Willow Lore

Willow, from which the bards of old made their harps is Sacred to the Moon and water, and symbolizes creative inspiration, intuition, harmony and the deep tides of emotion. The willow can bend without breaking and this flexibility points to the graceful love and responsive energy she brings, allowing us to flow and adjust to life’s tides.

Meanings: Resonance, harmony, and flexibility.

Willow Magic 

The Whispering Tree Spell
On a full moon, stand beneath a willow, and blow a kiss to the moon. Speak your wish aloud as you weave a knot in one of the supple branches, then say:

“Under the Lady’s moon, shining so bright,
Willow tree, hear my request on this night.
In this willow tree, I now leave a marker,
Grant me love and joy and laughter.
By the Sacred Three,
So may it be”