Don't forget it's all about YOU and YOUR wedding, not me and my music!


Aelvenharp Weddings is for those who care about the soundtrack to their wedding day, and are prepared to spend some time thinking and working with me in order to get the musical palette just right.

"But I Don't Know Any Harp Music!"

Think music on the harp, not harp music

I don't just play classical or folk music, but most of what I play is modern contemporary rock and pop music. What would your favourite song sound like on my harp? That, right there, is where the magic happens! You don't need to know any "harp music!", you just just need to know what music you DO like!

No Set Playlists!

This does require a little work on your part, as I need to know what music you love.

For the Drinks & Banquet options, don't feel you have to choose ALL the music I play, just give me some ideas around which to build a bespoke playlist. Please say if there's something you don't want me to play! For the Ceremony music we will work much closely together.

Can You Learn New Songs!

YES! Of course

Depending on your Pathway, you can add up to 2 new pieces of music. Browse my MusicList first.  It is vast, and your song might be listed. If not, ask me. My list grows each year with your music choices, so keep 'em coming. Nothing is too weird or obscure. You can also add additional songs on for £10 a song.

MusicList 2018

Can You play Outside!

As long as it's not freezing or raining! All my harps are portable and can be carried outside in good weather.

In strong sunlight I'll need some shade. More often than not, I shelter under a tree, and they are very appreciative of the music. I do also have a parasol I can bring, if the venue does not have their own.

Visit the Harpinator to listen to my music

More and more will be added over time


We will be working closely together to make sure that your ceremony music is exactly right and to do this, I will invite you along to one of my Open Harp Surgeries.